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In the early years of 2010 I became involve in the RC Hobby, Flying what was know as Quadcopter which today there called drones. Then venture into helicopter and move on to flying model airplanes. As my interested started growing I decided I needed away to offset my spending to support my hobby so in 2013 Brick City RC Hobby was born.

Brick City Hobby is a home base online store that was started in the early year of 2013 under the name Brick City RC Hobby. As of 2019 a slight name change took place to accommodate other products other then Radio Control Products.

Although this a home base business all customer are treated with professional service the same as you would fine with bigger online shops. Brick City Hobby strive to give you quality service and products at a fair price.

Technical support maybe limited in some areas but we do our best to provide help and answer question as quickly as possible. Also strive to get orders out the same or next day depending of the time an order place.

Brick City Hobby is locate in the heart of Newark, NJ. For support or question email is the fastest way at. 


A big thank you to the customer whom have supported us.