Full set JP Hobby ER-008 tricycle with Brakes and controller  for 90mm size Jets Super Viper

CNC Machined aluminum articulated and mecanical suspended « scale » electric landing complete gear set including 1x45mm front wheel and 2x55mm wheels with brakes system and 3 retracts with a JP Hobby V1 version All integrated controller retract box which includes an electrical magnetic brake controller. Main gear and single nose gear. For planes up to 8kg.


  • Materials: Aluminum
  • Suspension: mechanical
  • Wheels: ball bearings mounted
  • For planes up to 8kg
  • Servo Plate with control for threaded rod and ball joints

Technical Specifications:

  • Struts diameter: 12mm
  • Mounting Struts diameter: 9mm
  • Main Gears wheels axle diameter: 5mm
  • Nose Gear wheel axle diameter: 4mm
  • Main gears wheels diameter: 55mm
  • Nose gear wheel diameter: 45mm
  • Weight: 622.4g (for the complete set including the 3 struts, 3 retracts, wheels and the controller)
  • Dimensions: for detailed dimensions, please refer to the pictures
  • Retracts working voltage: 5-8.4V (2S LiPo)
  • Brakes working voltage: 7.2-30V

Package Content:

  • 2x Scale metal struts for main landing gear equiped with 55mm wheels & brakes system
  • 1x Scale metal strut for nose gear equiped with 45mm wheel and Plate
  • 3x Electric Retracts JP Hobby ER-008 9mm (8kg/Low/Inside)
  • 1x JP Hobby ER-120 V1 version All Integrated controller retract box (doors opened when the gear is down)


  • 2 cells battery
  • Nose direction servo

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JP Hobby ER-008 Tricycle Full Set with Brakes For 90mm size Jets And Sequencer

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