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The AG68 module can only be plugged into two wire electric landing gear, rather than three wire electric landing gear! The three wire electric landing gear requires not the landing gear controller but connecting directly to the receiver gear channel

The AG68 module integrates a taxiing and braking correction gyroscope, an electromagnetic brake controller and an electric landing gear controller ( Just for 2 wire electric retract landing gear ), which are applied to a fixed-wing model aircraft with the steering nose wheel.

The AG68 module can correct the deflective trend of model aircraft taxiing on the ground and respond accurately to the rudder stick.

The AG68 module can control the force of the electromagnetic brake to keep the model aircraft taxiing on the right way.

The AG68 module with electric landing gear controller ( Just for 2 wire electric retract landing gear ), simple and compact, easy to install.

The most important highlight of the AG68 module is that it uses intelligent adaptive algorithm, which eliminates the tedious operation such as setting
sensor direction and adjusting sensitivity of traditional model gyroscope products. It only needs to automatic direction adaptation once during installation,
and there is no need to adjust when using, so that its installation and use is very simple and convenient.

The electric landing gear controller of the AG68 module can also match various types of electric landing gear ( 2 wire type ) below 35kg class through very simple
adaptation operation.

The AG68 module has outstanding effects on taxiing correction and brake correction, and can be widely used in all kinds of model aircraft requiring long
distance taxiing take-off and landing, such as scale model aircraft using Electric Ducted Fan and JET power.

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